A simple tutorial of how to allow users to sign up to your Rails app through LinkedIn by using OAuth2.


After a lot of tutorials that broke in the middle of the process, stackoverflowing (I guess this works if Googling is a word now) weird bugs, and 16 cups of coffee I decided to write this tutorial with the hope to make someone’s work easier.

I will be using the ruby gem OmniAuth LinkedIn OAuth2 in a Ruby on Rails application with Devise authentication.

Note: My actual setup is Rails and Ruby 2.6.5

LinkedIn Setup

First of all, to log in with LinkedIn we first need a LinkedIn app, to get one, follow these steps:


In this small intro, I will help you understand how to think in TailwindCSS. We’ll go through a small theory intro 🤓(sorry in advance) and will jump next to a more hands-on 👋 exercise to practice what we learned.

Why use Tailwind?


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